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      David Cassidy: For The       Woodlands Township

David Cassidy, who for the past nine years has been involved in community activities to better The Woodlands, is pleased to announce his candidacy for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors Position 7. 


“The Woodlands has some big challenges ahead and my independent thinking will ensure the right decisions are made for residents of this wonderful community,” Cassidy said. “First and foremost, The Woodlands faces some critical governance decisions.  We need to tackle the best way to address incorporation issues with enhancing amenities and keeping our taxes low as our guiding principles. We will need to find the right person to serve as Township General Manager following his retirement next year.”


Cassidy also said he will focus on flooding mitigation, traffic management, and business development. 


“I am committed to enhancing our quality of life and amenities in a fiscally responsible manner,” Cassidy said. “We must ensure that the next generation will thrive in our hometown as much as we have.” 


David is ready to roll up his sleeves, sharpen his pencil and be your representative for a better Woodlands. 


“We do not need Washington-style or good old boy county politics in The Woodlands. Let’s keep money and special interests out of The Woodlands,” he said. 


For more information follow David on Twitter and Instagram at CassidyCan1, and on Facebook at CassidyCan.  Reach our campaign at Cassidycan@outlook.com


Your vote counts!

Early voting starts October 21 and runs until November 1

Election day is November 5, 2019

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